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Pixel Magic supply manuals in Acrobat PDF format

New products

  Crystalio II VPS3100 Owner's Guide(Ver. 1.0)
(Last updated: Oct 2007)
  Crystalio II VPS3300/VPS3800 Owner's Guide(Ver. 2.0)
(Last updated: Apr 2007)
  Crystalio II Media Player Supplementary Guide(Ver. 0.4)
(Last updated: Dec 2006)
  HD MediaBox(Ver. 2.0)
(Last updated: Mar 2007)
  Signal Enhancer SE150
(Last updated: Dec 2005)

Current products

  Plasma Enhancer PE1000(Ver. 1.1)
(Last updated: Mar 2005)
  Plasma Enhancer Pro PE1000-Pro (Ver. 1.1)
(Last updated: Mar 2005)
  Crystalio VPS-2300(Ver. 2.0)
(Last updated: Jan 2005)

PDI Deluxe Card (Ver. 1.3)
(Last updated: Feb 2004)


BT656Pro SDI (Ver. 1.0)
(Last updated: June 2004)


BT656Pro SDI + Xcard Combo (Ver. 1.0)
(Last updated: Sept 2004)


BT601Pro SDI Mod. Kit (Ver. 1.1)
(Last updated: Nov 2004)

SDI Capture Card (Ver. 1.1)
(Last updated: Feb 2004)

Discontinued products


SDI Converter DIY Kit (Ver. 1.3)
(Last updated: June 2004)


PDI + Xcard Combo (Ver. 1.3)
(Last updated: Feb 2004)


PDI Capture Card (Ver. 1.2)
(Last updated: Feb 2004)

3rd Party products


REALmagic Xcard

Due to continuous product development and improvement, the product specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.


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