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HD MediaBox™ is a high definition HDD (hard disk drive) media player which gives instant access to your high definition video, digital music, digital photos and DVD files no matter where they are stored - on it's internal hard disk drive (HDD), on your personal computer*, USB HDD or Network Attached Storage box*.

HD MediaBox™ supports output resolutions of up to 1080p so you can now set all your HD media free from the constraints of your monitor. Use any VGA, component video, DVI or HDMI equipped display device - Flat panel displays, projectors, HDTVs and more.

HD MediaBox™ is designed with high quality audio playback in mind. Equipped with 24-bit/192KHz audio DAC from Analog Devices Inc, low noise Op Amps from Burr-Brown® (famous for their clean output and ultra-low distortion characteristics) and our own specially developed timing circuitry, HD MediaBox™ can now be the centre of your hifi as a high end CD jukebox storing thousands of CDs!

The Audiophile Edition (MB200) adds a low jitter TCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) to dramatically improve spaciousness, clarity, impact, and purity, providing the highest quality audio playback available in any network media player.

Digital optical, coax, and analogue connectors are all provided to deliver this high fidelity audio into any home theater or stereo system.

For movies, tv shows, camcorder footage and more, HD MediaBox™ supports all the most popular formats including MPEG 1/2/4, WMV9 and XviD, as well as DVD .ISO and .VOB files. Output everything through the digital HDMI?connection and you can go digital all the way to your screen!

Included with HD MediaBox™ is a backlit remote so you can keep the lights low. Combine this with the small size and fanless operation and you get a high powered box that's also easy to live with.

Features at a glance:

HDMI input, internal IDE HDD support, audiophile TCXO (MB200 only), Analog Devices DAC, Burr Brown Op Amp, 10 profile memories, fanless design, backlit remote, mp3, aac, wav, mpeg 1/2/4, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png, gif, High Definition 1080p, DVD .iso & .vob, WMVHD and XviD

High Definition video file playback with HDMI?output
Watch WMV9, MPEG 1/2/4, XviD and DVD (.iso/.vob) files
External subtitle support and 10 user profiles of picture control
Multiple output resolutions up to 1080p and SXGA (1280?024)
Audiophile playback of popular music formats
Aluminum alloy cooling technology, no fan noise
Supports internal IDE hard disk up to 500GB (disk not included)
External USB 2.0 hard drive support
Network interface for playback of media files stored on a PC or NAS*
High speed USB 2.0 port for media file transfer to/from PC
Backlit remote for navigation in dark environments


* Some high bitrate High Definition video files may not play smoothly across the network.
# Specifications and features subject to change without notice

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a trademark of HDMI Licensing LLC.
BURR-BROWN® is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.
HD MediaBox™ is a trademark of Pixel Magic Systems Ltd. All rights reserved.

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